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I am active in supporting the Northern Pine Girl Scout Council and the Voyageurs Area Council of the Boy Scouts.  Girl Scouting and Boy Scouting provide opportunities for young people to explore a wide variety of interests and try activities that they might never be able to experience in their own families.  Both programs have a strong emphasis on outdoor adventure and nature. 


I learned to love camping, hiking, canoeing and swimming through Girl Scouts.  I have gone on to share these activities with my own family and friends.  When I was a Cadette leader, I took Girls canoeing in the BWCA and biking around Madeleine Island.  We were the first Girl Scout troop to participate in Okpik, the Boy Scout High Adventure base for winter camping. 


When my sons were younger, I was a Cub Scout leader and a Boy Scout Volunteer.  I saw my sons develop good friendships and learn important skills and values.  I cultivated lasting friendships with other volunteers. 


If you would like to make a contribution to support either the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts, please click below to send me an e-mail.  Tell me whether you would like to support the council operations or a capital campaign of the Northern Pine Girl Scout Council or the Voyageur's Area Council of the Boy Scouts and how much you would like to contribute.  You can have them put your donation on your credit card or bill you in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments. 


Thank you for your support of our youth programs!